Affordable, reliable, and high-speed connectivity should reach every community in the world

Connectivity Capital is the world’s first impact investment fund focused on expanding Internet access in frontier markets

Half of the world does not have access to the Internet. Most of these potential customers live in developing countries. They are locked out and left behind from the transformational power of the Internet. That’s unacceptable. At Connectivity Capital, we invest to change it.

About Us

Connectivity Capital is a sector-focused investment management firm providing debt capital to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and communications technology companies. Seeded by International Network Investments, we identify, invest in, and partner with market leading ISPs and great companies that share our passion to expand access to connectivity.

Our Approach

As an entrepreneurial business, we know the potential frustrations of dealing with traditional financial institutions governed by inflexible rules and overly prescriptive terms. It’s why we developed an innovative and tailored alternative finance solution specifically for ISPs.


We understand the unique capital needs of ISPs. Our sector-focused approach allows for better understanding of risk and enables us to work with companies to provide the right financing solutions.

Expansion Capital

We provide debt financing to companies with a proven track record and provide the necessary financing for growth. We look for ambitious teams that understand both the technical and commercial challenges of expanding a communications network.

Impact at Scale

We partner with like-minded companies that share our objectives of expanding access, quality, and affordability of connectivity. We believe that a customer centric approach is necessary to achieving impact at scale.

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